Peter Labuza

PETER LABUZA is a Ph.D. Candidate in Cinema and Media Studies and holds a Graduate Certificate in Visual Studies. His research interests include Hollywood historiography, legal history, film style, art cinema, and cinephilia studies. His dissertation explores the rise of the legal profession in Hollywood and its contribution to the organizational reform and cultural discourse of art within the industry after World War II. Labuza received both his M.A. and B.A. in Cinema Studies from Columbia University. He has published in The Velvet Light Trap, Mediascape, Sight & Sound, and The Los Angeles Review of Books. He has also published as a film critic for Variety, The Village Voice, and Filmmaker Magazine among others, and hosts The Cinephiliacs podcast.

Committee: Laura Isabel Serna (Chair), J.D. Connor, Steve Ross, Vanessa Schwartz, Ellen Seiter

Dissertation: “When A Handshake Meant Something: The Emergence of Entertainment Law and The Constitution of Hollywood Art, 1944-1967”

Research Interests: Hollywood history, legal history, economics of production, intellectual property, corporate sponsorship, auteurism, art cinema, mise en scene