Recent alumni of the Division of Cinema and Media Studies (formerly the Division of Critical Studies):

Eszter Zimanyi, PhD, 2021
Dissertation: Unsettled Media: Documenting Refugees and Europe’s Shifting Borders Along the Balkan Route

Ashley Young, PhD, 2021

Katalin Kis, PhD, 2021

Jacob Bohrod, PhD, 2021

Stefania Marghitu, PhD, 2020
Dissertation: Women Showrunners: Authorship, Identity, and Representation in US Television

Isaac Rooks, PhD, 2019
Dissertation: Do Not Feed the Animals: An Ecocritical Perspective on Cinematic Animal Attack Narratives

Sophia Wagner-Serrano, PhD, 2019
Dissertation: #Holocaust: Rethinking the Relationship Between Spaces
of Memory and Places of Commemoration in The Digital Age

Maria Zalewska, PhD, 2019
Dissertation: Visual Media, Political Activism, and the Construction
of Cultural Memory in the Mexican “Drug War” (2006-Present)

Anirban Baiysha, PhD, 2018
Dissertation: Viral Selves: Cellphones, Selfies and the Self-fashioning
Subject in Contemporary India

Sebnem Baran, PhD, 2018
Dissertation: Whose Quality Is It?: Transnational TV Flows and Power
in the Global TV Market

George Carstocea, PhD, 2018
Dissertation: The World, Abjected: Contemporary Comedy Across Media

Michael Larocco, PhD, 2018
Dissertation: Video Camera Technology in the Digital Age: Industry
Standards and the Culture of Videography

Kohki Watabe, PhD, 2018
Dissertation: Between Two Visions of Empires: Japanese Immigrants’
Theatergoing and Aesthetics of Landscape on the West Coast from 1907 to 1942

Lorien Hunter, PhD, 2017
Dissertation: African State of Mind: Hip Hop, Identity and the Effects of Africa Rising

Sangeeta Marwah, PhD 2017
Dissertation: Kehte Hain Humko Pyar Se Indiawale: Negotiating a Contemporary Indianness in and through the Neoliberal Bollywood Song

Amy Murphy, PhD, 2017
Dissertation: Spatial Truths and Temporal Fictions: Cinematic Representations Of The American City 1938-1978

Luci Marzola, PhD, 2016
Dissertation: Engineering Hollywood: Technicians, Technology, and
the Science of Building the Studio System, 1915-1930

Emily Perez, PhD, 2016
Dissertation: Eat Me: Cannibalism and Melancholia

Eric Rutledge, PhD, 2016
Dissertation: Hollywood Vault: The Business of Film Libraries, 1915-1960

Roxanne Samer, PhD, 2016
Dissertation: Receiving Feminisms: Media Cultures and Lesbian Potentiality in the 1970s

Patricia Jeehyun Ahn, PhD, 2015
Dissertation: Aftermarkets of Empire: South Korean Pop Music and the
Global Logics of Race and Gender in the U.S. Media Industries

Lara Bradshaw, PhD, 2015
Dissertation: Well-Being Domesticities: Mediating 21st-Century Femininity Through Physical, Mental, and Emotional Lifestyles

Nadine Su-Lin Chan, PhD, 2015
Dissertation: Instructing Unruly Empires: Colonial Educational Film in British Malaya

Feng-Mei Heberer, PhD, 2015
Dissertation: Existential Surplus: Affect and Labor in Asian Diasporic Video Cultures

Timothy Robert Holland, PhD, 2015
Dissertation: The Traces of Jacques Derrida’s Cinema

Shawna Elyse Kidman, PhD, 2015
Dissertation: Comic Books Incorporated: Industrial Strategy and the Legitimation of Lowbrow Media

Veronica Paredes, PhD, 2015
Dissertation: Marquee Survivals: A Multimodal History of Cinema’s Recycled Spaces

Marika Piday-Warren, PhD, 2015
Dissertation: Color Inside the Lines: Race and Representation in the
Formula Dance Film

Courtney Elisabeth White, PhD, 2015
Dissertation: What Looked Like Cruelty’: Animal Welfare in Hollywood, 1916-1950

Elena Jean Bonomo, PhD, 2014
Dissertation: Channeling Shirley Maclaine: Stardom, Travel, Politics, and Beyond

Michael Thomas Dillon, PhD, 2014
Dissertation: Dead Zones: Human Mobility and the Making of Media Nationalism

Kate Louise Holden Fortmueller, PhD, 2014
Dissertation: Part-Time Labor, Full-Time Dreams: Extras, Actors and
Hollywood”s On-Screen Talent

Stephanie Michelle Hoover, PhD, 2014
Dissertation: Framing the Fight: Post-9/11 Warfare and the Logistics of Representation

Annie Manion, PhD, 2014
Dissertation: Animation Before the War: Nation, Identity and Modernity
in Japan from 1914-1945

James Adrian Michael Crawford, PhD, 2013
Dissertation: Film Credit

Ghia Godfree, PhD, 2013
Dissertation: Empty Threats: The Collision of Aesthetic, Industrial, and Revolutionary Imperatives in Montage

Cristiani Michels Bilhalva, PhD, 2013
Dissertation: Screenwriting double function of anonymity for female authors in Hollywood and critical issues of authorship in cinema: Two screenplay case studies: “Grace of My Heart” and “Edward Scissorhands”

Taylor Louise Nygaard, PhD, 2013
Dissertation: The virtual big sister: Television and technology in girls’ media

Kenneth Provencher, PhD, 2013
Dissertation: Japan in transnational Hollywood: Industry and identity, 1985-1995

Kelly Wolf, PhD, 2013
Dissertation: Performance Unleashed: Multispecies Stardom and Companion Animal Media

Adan Avalos, PhD, 2012
Dissertation: Que Naco! Mexican Popular Cinema and Migrant Audiences

David Paul Lerner, PhD, 2012
Dissertation: A Taste for Trash: The Persistence of Exploitation in American Cinema, 1960-1975

Joshua Louis Moss, PhD, 2012
Dissertation: Why Harry Met Sally: Coupling Narratives and the Christian-Jewish Love Story

JeCheol Park, PhD, 2012
Dissertation: The vicissitudes of postnational affects: Visuality, temporality, and corporeality in global East Asian Films

Jennifer Ann Rosales, PhD, 2012
Dissertation: United States and European Union Media Literacy: Policy & Practice

Noelia Vicenta Saenz, PhD, 2012
Dissertation: Mediating Hispanidad: Screening the Hispanic-Atlantic Imaginary

Gloria Shin, PhD, 2012
Dissertation: White Diamond: Elizabeth Taylor’s Adventures in American Empire and the Ectasy of Postcolonial Whiteness

Jia Tan, PhD, 2012
Dissertation: Special cultural zones: Provincializing global media in neoliberal China

Genevieve Yue, PhD, 2012
Dissertation: Medusan Optics: Film, Feminism, and the Forbidden Image

Elizabeth Parr Affuso, PhD, 2011
Dissertation: The Sculptural Screen: Spectatorship, Exhibition, and Hollywood in Contemporary Film/Video Art

Kristen Elizabeth Fuhs, PhD, 2011
Dissertation: The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth: Documentary Film and the Socio-Politics of Justice

Brian Jacobson, PhD, 2011
Dissertation: Studios Before the System: Architecture, Technology, and Early Cinema

Chera Dezarae Kee, PhD, 2011
Dissertation: And the Dead Shall Walk the Earth: Zombies and the Politics of Death

Ayana McNair, PhD, 2011
Dissertation: The Captive Public: Media Representations of the Police and the (Il)legitimacy of Police Power

Suzanne Scott, PhD, 2011
Dissertation: Revenge of the Fanboy: The Politics of Mainstreaming Geek Culture

Garrett Thompson, PhD, 2011
Dissertation: The Cultural War Against Black Intellectualism: Fighting for and Dying Over Knowledge, Dope and Hip Hop in the Pursuit of Black Liberation

Ioana Maria Uricaru, PhD, 2011
Dissertation: Intimate Beyond Words Unspeakable Images: The Relationsip Between Emotional Experience and Discourse in Cinema